Australian Labradoodles might just be the best breed for you!

There are a lot of different dog breeds that are quite popular. Some of them a closer to the breeds that you normally see, like golden retrievers and tiny little poodles. Others are more intense, like pitbulls and other breeds that leave you feeling a little bit nervous. The thing to remember, no matter what kind of dog you are looking into, is that every type of dog has a distinct personality. Whether you are looking at a labrador or a german shepherd, you are going to have to consider not only the appearance of the dog, but also the health and temperament issues that the dogs tend to have. Without thinking about these things, you will easily find yourself with a dog that does not play well with others, including with you! Finding the perfect breed for you and your family is important and when you work with a stellar breeder to help you find the best dog for you, then you know that you will be in good shape with your dog for a very long time.

One of the most popular breeds in recent years has been the Australian cobberdog, or the Australian labradoodle. While some folks have been breeding dogs by the same name but without the breeding history and background, the labradoodle experts at Highlands Australian Labradoodle know what makes a great pet and also knows the best way to breed their animals so that they are healthy and happy animals throughout their lives. Without careful breeding, you can easily end up with a labradoodle that does not display the characteristics you were hoping for, whether those traits are temperamental or physical. Here are a few of the reasons people like labradoodles and reasons why this breed might be a great choice for you and your family! But be wary; you must find a certified breeder, lest you end up with a dog that does not display these traits:

1. Gentle temperament paired with intelligence: We all want dogs that are gentle enough be around our children and our neighbors, but that are also bright enough to be the companions we have been searching for. Between the loving tenderness of a labrador and the smarts of a poodle, these dogs are set up for success in the temperament department. They are gentle enough and smart enough to be trained as service dogs; indeed, this was their original purpose when bred in Australia!

2. Hypoallergenic: Everyone loves poodles for their hypoallergenic coat that barely sheds and is great for people who are allergic to dogs. Labradoodles, with their fluffy clown like faces and coats, also display this trait when bred thoughtfully and carefully. This is another reason that you should pay close attention to your labradoodle breeder because without thoughtful breeding, you could end up with a labradoodle that sheds more than you had hoped.

3. Healthy: While poodles and labradors both have their own share of health issues, labradoodles have been carefully bred to avoid the historic hip problems that have plagued retrievers for years. This will make caring for your labradoodle easier once they hit their later years.

Four reasons to choose the Australian Labradoodle over other dogs.

http://www.HighlandsAustralianlabradoodles.comDogs can bring incredibly joy and happiness to an individual or a family.  They are always in a good mood, they are always the first one to greet you when you enter your home, and they are always there for you, no matter the circumstances.  There is a reason people say that dogs are “man’s best friend”.  With that being said, the reason particular breeds exist is that they all have unique characteristics.  For example, Labradors are great for hunting because of their soft mouths and ability to be trained.  Smaller dogs are great for people who live in the city and only have an apartment.  In order to make sure you purchase the correct type of dog for your family, you have to first understand the breeds.  There is one particular breed that carries many of the characteristics people look for in a great family dog.  That dog is the Australian Labradoodle.  Here are four reasons why you should choose an Australian Labradoodle over any other breed of dog.

1.  Excellent Temperament.  One of the great things about the Australian Labradoodle is their excellent temperament.  They are not dogs that get overly excited, which makes them easy to train and please.  They are very positive and calm dogs, which makes them perfect for families or for people who want to take their dog around other dogs.  Many breeds have more aggressive temperaments which makes them more difficult to train and less social.  This is absolutely not the case with Australian Labradoodles.  Labradoodle puppies are typically calmwell-behaved animals.

2.  Allergy and Asthma Friendly Coats.  One of the most difficult things about owning a pet is that they sometimes create allergies for owners, or can trigger asthma in individuals.  The coat of the Australian Labradoodle is such that it does not create any of these problems for its owners.  This is one of the reasons the animal was bred, and makes them a great choice for people with sensitive allergies.

3.  Soundness of Form.  A third reason to choose the Australian Labradoodle is because of their soundness of form.  They are incredibly well-bred animals that are not prone to any types of genetic flaws.  This means that they don’t need to be groomed very often, or taken to the vet more than once or twice a year.  This means they are generally easy dogs to take care of.

4.  They’re Super Cute!  This one might seem a little silly, but if you spend some time on the Internet looking through pictures of Australian Labradoodles, you’ll soon begin to wonder if you have ever seen a dog that is so cute.  They are incredibly sweet looking, with fluffy, curly coats and deep, sensitive eyes.

For these reasons, Australian Labradoodle puppies, like the ones Highlands Australian Labradoodles provides, are the best choice among all of the breeds.  They are amazing dogs with excellent temperaments, oustanding coats, and beautiful looks.  Take some time to browse online and you’ll be sure to think the Australian Labradoodle is the cutest dog around.

Making the change to your next dog to being a Australian labradoodle

Picking the right animal to have at your home is not always the easiest thing. But if you do your research you will see that there are some animals they definitely have the right temperament to make the perfect animal to have within the home. Depending on your situation and whether not you have children may depend on what type of dog you may want to choose from. The great thing about the Australian Labradoodle is that it is good in all of these types of situations. labradoodle breederIt is an animal that loves to be able to go outside and enjoy the outdoors and can definitely help out for anybody who loves to do that. It is also a dog that does well with just a single owner as well they are very loyal and are able to be trained easily. This makes them great companions and can be a great amount of time being able to be companions within the home. You do need to be able to still get them out for a great amount of exercise as they have a good amount of energy to use. As long as they are out door enough they also stay very well behaved when they are inside. It comes to finding the right fit especially if you’re a family that has children this can be the perfect animal for you. These animals are very mild tempered and do very well with children.

They are not aggressive which helps to be able to have within the home and around children and other pets. When you want to be able to have the breed that is going to make a difference within your home then you need to be able to look into having some Australian Labradoodle puppies for you. When you work with the right Labrador Bridger you’ll find that they are raising and are certified and being able to get you what you were looking for in the a true Australian Labradoodle.  Having the right Labrador will help you and your family being able to have the perfect pet for your home. They she had very little and are great in the home because of that. They rarely have problems with anybody having any type of allergy problems with them and they can be the perfect temperament that anybody would love to have within their home.

They’re very loving animals affectionate and they are mild temper makes it the perfect combination for any family today. If you’re looking to having a new family pet that is going to standby and be a great read for you than you want to look into having Labradors Australian Friday that make the perfect complement to your home. By working with a great place like Highlands Australian Labradoodle’s you can find the perfect one for you. These Australian Labradoodle puppies are great animal to have around the home they are very mild and their temperament and can train easy to be able to avoid some of the problems that often happens with puppies. You’ll be do you have a great time raising such an animal within the home even if you have other pets and animals already. Even your own children enjoy raising such an animal that is such a great temperament and can be a lot of fun to train and have to play with on a daily basis.


People like to be members of clubs and share their interests with other likeminded people. There are clubs out there for just about everything under the sun. If you like to collect stamps, there is a stamp collectors club that meets in the capitol city twice a month and lets people from all over the state swap stamp collecting stories and browse the stamp collection’s of other stamp enthusiast. If your heart belongs to the world of bird watching, there are a number of clubs that you can join to meet other people who, like you, love to watch birds and compete to see how many different species they can catalog. The whole idea behind clubs is to give people with special interests an outlet for their passion and to share that passion with others like them. The same concept that is behind nearly all the clubs is also behind the National Australian Labradoodle Club or NAC.

The NAC has been around for nearly ten years in order to promote, educate and connect labradoodle breeders and owner together in a group of labradoodle lovers.  This group started with only two breeders, one from Texas and Another in Oregon. The two breeders just wanted to create a link between themselves so that they could share breeder information about their dogs. Soon however, people who came to the breeders to purchase their Australian labradoodle puppies became interested in the idea of a link between all labraddodle owners and breeds. Just five years later the NAC was a real organization that had member all across the United States and Canada. People who own these dogs seem to have a special bond with everything from the labradoodle world. These dogs are popular and yet they remain somewhat rare, a fact which gave even more reason for people to want to connect with other owners.

The NAC does everything from share information about funny stories concerning their dogs, to discussing health issues that their animals might be having and trying to offer insight to other owners about possible solutions to different aliments the labradoodle is prone to having. No matter if the member is a long time owner or has just bought their first puppy, they can become member just based upon their love of the breed.

The NAC has several paper publications which discuss the latest news in the world of labradoodles. There are also online publications that show funny pictures of owners alongside their labradoodles or offer different products for owners and breeders. The group has recently been pushing for a convention to be organized this year in Las Vegas. A convention in Las Vegas would be a time for all labradoodle owners and breeders to come together and share in their passion. The idea of having breeders/owners conventions is nothing new; there are approximately 27 different dog breed conventions in the US every year. There are even already general dog breed conventions in which the labradoodle has already participated. It appears that soon the labradoodle will have its own platform to shine on.

Get yourself an Australian Labradoodle puppy today!

Labradoodles are quite possibly some of the most lovely and wonderful pets that you can have. I am not sure if you know this or not, but labradoodles are allergen-free and there is Australian Labradoodleminimal shedding that occurs. I have lived with dogs my entire life and everything you own is covered in dog hair when there is a dog in the house. In fact, you get dog hair in some of the most unlikely places such as your bra, your pants or lodged in your big toe like a splinter. This, my friends, is not a joke. Dog hair can be quite painful and definitely irksome. So imagine a world where you home isn’t covered in dog hair. Imagine a home that is pet allergy free. Imagine a home with a dog that is so darn friendly, your friends threaten to take her home with them ever time they leave the house. This world is possible and this world is tangible. All you have to do is call Australian Labradoodle, a Denver company that is one of the most reliable labradoodle breeders around. Why choose Australian Labradoodle? Because they are educated about the breed and they are not just trying to a quick penny but they are trying to keep the dogs and the breed itself alive and healthy. When you check out their website, you can see all of the dogs that they use to breed new puppies and look up their health to see what kind of dog you might get in the future and what their health issues might be like. They choose only the healthiest and the happiest puppies and dogs to make sure people are getting pets that will warm their hearts for years and years to come.

The Australian Labradoodle puppies will certainly melt your heart. You are lucky because as we speak the Australian Labradoodle company has puppies available now so you can get on their website and check out the adorable dogs they have for sale right now. They take seriously adopting out these dogs so there is an adoption application that you would fill out on line. These dogs go fast so it’s important for you to fill out that application as soon as possible. It’s no wonder labradoodles are so popular right now because they have the best temperaments and were bred to be therapy, service and guide dogs. The labradoodle breeders at Australian labradoodle breed these dogs so they have more than just wonderful temperaments but so they are also highly intuitive and intelligent.

So if you and your family are considering getting a dog for the house, I encourage you to consider getting a Australian Labradoodle puppy. They came in a variety of colors from burnt red, cream to black. You can be sure that you and your family will find a dog that will suit your needs and will bring you joy for years and years to come. Your dog will even have a two year health guarantee. Now that is a great idea!

The Australian Labradoodle is a canine your kids will love

When many people go to choose the right dog for their home, one thing that always wants to do is make sure that they have a well-mannered dog. These creatures come in all different sizes shapes and temperaments. So when choosing a canine that you can trust you want to be selective in the breed you’re going to go with. Today there are many breeds and crossbreeds that are available. Some of these crossbreeds have become some of the best well-known dogs because of being able to mix breed springs out some of the best characteristics of the mix.

One of the most well-known today is the Australian Labradoodle. labradoodles australianThis canine is select above many others because of the great temperament that it has. It has a good amount of intelligence mixed with a temperament which makes it the perfect animal for many families to love on it. They are great to be around they can be in the home and are trustworthy dogs. They’re easy to train and by being able to train one you can have a great assistance dog as well. They help by being able to lead the way for many people and can be trained to do all different types of things. Your kids can even enjoy teaching him new tricks to be able to perform for them. They work hard to be able to match the amount affection that you provide for the animal and they will love you back usually 10 times more. They are easy to be around and are great animals for children and other it’s to be around. Because of this temperament many people are realizing that it is one of the better animals to have around the home.

Many people worry about a animal turning on their children or other animals. But the temperament is so mild of this gray animal that you can really trust what it does. Australian Labradoodle puppies are available to adopt and you can bring them in your home and start your relationship right from the beginning. Other places also allow you to have them trained before you bring into the home see you can have them without having to do with their infancy stage. They still have natural tendencies just like many other canines do. But once trained they quickly lose some of the bad habits that they may have.  These pets are often used in the service industry to help people with disabilities. They are great responders to an owner and this unique character helps them not only for assisting those that may need help but also making it a perfect animal to be around and to have around your home. They will not leave you hanging and are so affectionate that they are adored by all children. The even help those children who may have fear of dogs to help calm their fears. They have a unique looking face that just lets people know they are a happy healthy dog and very friendly. It comes to a great animal for your home you cannot go wrong with the Labradoodle Australian. Bringing one into your home can really bring in a family pet that is loved and adored by all.

Just Pets Co has dogs for sale for little girls to have a friend.

dogs for sale

All I wanted when I was a little girl was a puppy once my parent’s got divorced. Our family pet passed away shortly after the divorce and so my brother got a puppy shortly after. I wanted a dog so badly and my father wouldn’t give me one until one day I came home from school and my dad was being super weird. I wasn’t sure what was going on but he drove me home like normal though he was acting very differently. When I went to my room, my dad was just glowing and I thought it was all just very odd, especially my dad watching over my shoulder as I opened my bedroom door, which was never shut by the way. So I opened the door and out came zooming the most adorable and high spirited dog that I had ever seen! She was black with brown and white spots that accented her dark coat in the most spunky and elegant way. My dad decided it was time for me to have a dog and he was so excited for me to see my little friend come bolting out of my room. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to name her, but we finally came up with the name ‘Dot’ which was short for the word peridot which was my birth stone color. What I didn’t know at the time was that peridot was pronounced so that the syllable was like the female deer, doe, and not dot like polkadot. But her name was Dot nonetheless and we loved each other very much.

I know this might seem silly to you but one of the things I was looking the most forward to was going to a pet store and picking out a collar and leash that would suit her personality perfectly. I found something with soft greens and purples which were my favorite colors at the time. We lived out in the country at the time so that fresh and clean collar didn’t stay that way very long. I would come back from school and she’d come running pell mell my way when I’d step out of my dad’s truck and she’d jump up on me and leave the biggest and sloppiest muddy paw print marks on my school uniform. Her cleanliness got so bad that I had to find a dog grooming business to take her in so she could get cleaned up. I loved having her sleep in my room with me at night and for that to keep happening my dad wanted to make sure she was clean.

Having a dog of my own was such a wonderful experience. I am excited to hear that there are businesses like Just Pets Co that have dogs for sale for little girls and boys who need a friend. Hey, no one has to be little to enjoy having a canine friend there for you to help keep you company at night and to have someone come tearing up the driveway to greet you when you get home.

If You want a Dog that is Well-Behaved, You May want to Consider an Australian Labradoodle.

Australian labradoodleSome would argue that there is no greater bond than that between a dog and its owner.  Of course, some would argue against that notion, but they would be fighting a losing battle.  All in all, it would be hard to find an animal or person more loyal and loving than a good dog.  Obviously, there are other factors that contribute to whether or not you will buy a dog, but, generally speaking, a dog that is loyal and loving cannot be beaten.  At the end of the day, the behavior of a dog is largely a result of its upbringing, but, nonetheless, there are certain breeds that are more prone to certain behaviors.  If you want a dog that is well-behaved, you may want to consider an Australian labradoodle.

As you might have guessed from the name, an Australian labradoodle is a mixture of a labrador retriever and a standard poodle.  These two breeds were carefully selected by the original breeder of labradoodles, for their specific traits.  Key among these traits was the fact that they tended to be more hypoallergenic than other dog breeds.  Because of this, Australian labradoodles are among the most allergy-friendly of all the dog breeds, in the world.  This is only one of the many reasons they have skyrocketed to popularity in the last few decades.  In recent years, they have become one of the most sought-after dog breeds in the world.  This is only partly explained by their hypoallergenic traits, though.

Among dog breeders, there are different schools of thought.  Some dog breeders are obsessed with purebred dogs, while others are more open to other possibilities.  Though purebreds have traditionally been the most highly-revered, they are actually, in many cases, an impractical choice.  For one thing, purebred dogs are far more likely to suffer from health problems, especially chronic, genetic ones.  Labradoodle breeders know this, which is why they prefer the more genetically-diverse labradoodle, over their purebred counterparts.  In addition to being hypoallergenic and less likely to suffer from chronic health problems, labradoodles are also just plain adorable.  Though there is a lot of variation among labradoodles, most of them have the curly hair that is characteristic of poodles.  On the other hand, they have the outgoing friendliness and loyalty that you would expect from a labrador retriever.  Because of this, labradoodles are considered to be one of the most adorable and friendly breeds.

Now that you know that you want a labradoodle, you only need to figure out how to get one.  Though they may not be quite as expensive as some of the most famous purebreds, they are considerably more pricey than a lot of other dogs are.  When you are dealing with that kind of money, you need to be certain that you are getting a dog that is everything that it is claimed to be.  A big part of this comes down to the breeder from which you are getting your Australian labradoodle puppies.  Since they are an expensive breed, it is important to find a breeder who is in the business for more than just the money.

Why choose Highlands Australian Labradoodles and Cobberdogs?

When it comes to searching for your perfect pet, the possibilities are endless! There are pet stores, animal shelters, breeders, and more! How do you know which is best for you and your family? And how do you know which type of dog or other pet is going to become the friend you never knew you were missing? Highlands Australian Labradoodles is a great place to start your search for your new pet! Locally owned and operated in Parker, Colorado, their philosophy is one that aims to stay true to original intent of the breeders who first created this beautiful hybrid between the poodle and the labrador. The hybrid was originally developed as a therapy and service or guide dog as well as a companion for families with allergies related to dog fur and dander. The breed was originally rounded by developers at Rutland Manor and Tegan Park Breeding and Research Facilities in Australia, and the pets have continued to be an asset to any home they arrive in ever since. The impetus behind breeding this hybrid between two of the world’s brightest and friendliest dog breeds was to provide the love and affection of a labrador with the intelligence of a poodle, whose fur tends to be easier for people with dog and pet allergies to handle. This so called “hypoallergenic pet” is especially go for people with disabilities who need the care of a labrador with the hair of a poodle. Combining these two breeds made perfect sense in achieving the ideal guide and service dog, especially as this aided people who already tended towards sensitivity to allergens. The purpose driven plan to develop an intuitive, intelligent, sociable, gentle, loving, active, and energetic pet came to fruition with the combination of these two smart and lovable breeds. This has made the labradoodle a much sought after companion for adults and children alike.

Those critical of breeding and the hybrid Australian labradoodle have criticized it and its breeders as creating a “designer dog”, a new fad to be fawned over and adored. However, this was not the goal or intent in creating the labradoodle. The sole purpose was to aid those who needed guide dogs and could not handle the allergen inducing fur of the more loving labrador breed. As the Breed Founder has noted, “it must never be thought of that the Australian Labradoodle was intended to be a ‘designer dog.’” Twenty fives of breeding and research went into developing this hybrid breed that is so adored by families worldwide. The labradoodle is not going anywhere!

Highlands Australian Labradoodle continues to protect and care for this wonderful breed by providing families with dogs that epitomize the characteristics and traits so loved in the labradoodle. Their mission is to protect the breed by working to be true to the characteristics and authenticities inherent in the Australian Labradoodle and the Australian Cobberdog. Working to protect the breed and continue to provide families with the best pet there is is their mission, and they continue to do so day by day!

We just got an Australian Laberdoodle

laberdoodle breeder

Ever since Shelley was a little girl her allergies have given her problems. They are sometimes so severe she has to go on strong medication just to function on a daily basis. Her eyes can water, nose will run, skin will break out into hives and she has even been known to have a few migraines that were induced by her allergies. She is definitely what you would call an allergy sufferer but when your youngest kid suffers from allergies you do as well. There have been a number of events or vacations that had to be canceled or cut short because her allergies flared up and we simply could not enjoy ourselves. Just last year we actually had to get rid of our dog because she was so allergic to its fur.

This year, we decided that we were going to find solutions to these problems rather than just continuing to narrow down the things she could do and enjoy. The first step was to replace the puppy that we lost with something that was hypoallergenic. We ended up purchasing an Australian Labradoodle puppy from a breeder because they are almost completely hypoallergenic due to the fact that they do not shed.

This specific type of lab or doodle is what we were looking for because these dogs were selectively bred over the last 30 years to bring out certain attributes that were only found in other dogs. For instance, a typical Labradoodle is very intelligent and playful yet has a good enough temperament that you can leave it around kids or babies. Even as puppies they are renowned for being quick learners and having patience when dealing with their family members. This is especially important to anyone who has kids in their family.

The Australian lab or doodle breeder we purchased our puppy from was excellent as well. They are called Highlands Australian Labradoodle and I feel confident recommending them to anyone in the market for an amazingly cute and cuddly hypoallergenic dog. Once you learn the history of these dogs and you hear their dedication to raising them in the right tradition you know that you have made a wise decision in selecting from them.

Even the act of browsing the company website to look through puppy pictures was a big family event for us. Each of us have our own opinion on which dog was cutest so we took a vote on which puppy we wanted to try and look at. It is very helpful that the breeder puts up this information in advance so people can prepare themselves for what the litter will look like. We weren’t specific on which color we wanted but more so the size of the dog and whether or not it looked fun. When I told my children that Australian Labradoodle dogs tend to be call home they were upset thinking that they could not have fun with this dog. I told them that the dog will be a lot of fun but it won’t be overly rambunctious like some other dogs and that is a good thing. All in all we cannot wait for this new dog and we are so excited for it.

The Multi-Functionality of the Labradoodle Dog

Since humans started domesticating dogs several thousand years ago, humans have been selecting certain breeds due to their propensity to do certain tasks or due to how they fit instinctively into certain roles.  The initial need was for dogs for hunting or for guarding. The uses of dogs have expanded ever since.

Dogs have been bred and trained for various tasks, including:

-          Guiding blind people;

-          Herding sheep;

-          Guarding life and property;

-          Keeping wild animals away from livestock;

-          Indicating the presence of hunted animals; or even in

-          Promoting literacy.

Dogs are even cross bred to get the desired qualities for certain tasks. An example of which is the Labradoodle.

Australian Labradoodle

Typical Labradoodle guide dog

The Australian Labradoodle was initially bred as a cross breed between a Labrador Retriever and a poodle to combine the boisterous and joyful exuberance, loyalty, lovability, and trainability of a Labrador with the aloof nature, delicate frame, intelligence, non-shedding characteristics of a Poodle to be a guide dog for a blind woman who is allergic to dog dander and hair. There were initial successes that prompted the popularity of the Labradoodle. It was not just the temperament and hypoallergenic qualities that caught the fancy of the public, as well. The adorability of the wavy hair, wide eyes and charisma of the Labradoodle further fuelled the demand frenzy.

The significant increase in demand for the Labradoodle is party attributed to the fact that it is a “designer dog,” dogs that make people look better or more valuable when seen with. It is considered by some more as an accessory or a status symbol, a trend that the moneyed do. They match their pets to their lifestyle.

The sudden increase in demand for Australian Labradoodle puppies has spurred the proliferation of puppy mills and irresponsible breeders wanting to get a quick buck. Labradoodle dogs are bought for as high as $2,500 per puppy. Those who want to get an Australian Labradoodle should do so from the reputable breeder.

But, as a designer dog, the Labradoodle might lose its place as other hybrids are filling up its niche. There are new cross breeds gaining popularity now more for being designer dogs, the Cockapoo, Yorkipoo, and Schnoodle, among others.

But beyond being just a designer dog, Labradoodle dogs will continue to be popular for its other qualities. They are loved more for their friendly, lovable, patient, energetic nature that makes them perfect for families with small children. Their intelligence and high trainability make them perfect guide dogs.

There is still that ongoing quest to make the cross breeding of Labradors and Poodles or intergenerational Labradoodle dogs a science so that new Labradoodle puppies will have consistent characteristics every time. New Labradoodle dogs in Australia are being thoroughly tested and studied and their genetic make-up and health records carefully archived and referred to every time a new cross breeding is to in order to refine the breeding process. In this way, they can already predetermine the coat, size, color, and temperament of the puppies.

Just Pets Co even has dog grooming

pet store

So, you’re the proud owner of a new puppy and the envy of your friends and family. Soon you’ll start to learn a lot about the little guy and he will start to learn a lot about you. Maybe you’ll have a playful dog that likes to chase a tennis ball or chew on a stuffed animal, maybe he or she will be shy and want a special dog shelter to make them feel safe, maybe they will need some discipline to keep them in line. Whatever your puppy ends up being or needing you can be assured that Just Pets Co has you covered.

I am probably one of Just Pets Co’s biggest fans because I have five dogs and we are pretty much regulars at the store. I have been to all of the big brand name stores and I can tell you that the experience at Just Pets Co beats the experience at the competition any day of the week.

What makes Just Pets Co a better pet store? Customer service. At Just Pets Co they understand just how important your furry friend is and they treat you with the utmost respect. Everyone who works for Just Pets Co is a pet owner and animal lover and it really shows when they interact with the pups on the sales floor. Since they have been there before many of the staff members are happy to share their stories and experiences with you if it will help you in making a decision or easing any worry that you might have. A little bit of experience goes a long way and at this pet store they have A LOT of experience. When I was a week away from getting my very first puppy I took a trip to Just Pets Co to get stocked up on some basic supplies. I was buying a Great Dane so I wanted to be sure and get products that would work well with her.

I went into the store and was greeted warmly by an associate at the counter. I explained that I was in the market for a new puppy and that this was my information gathering session where I could price out a few items. She was so excited about my upcoming purchase that she sprang into action and started showing me around their store at all the things I might want to consider. I really enjoyed her passion and understanding where I was coming from. She asked me many questions about what kind of dog I was gonna get and how I planned to raise it. She also inquired about my physical abilities and what sorts of things the dog and I would be doing once it was older. I explained that I was very outdoor friendly and I wanted my dog to go on hikes with me, not typical for a great dane but that is what I want. I didn’t consider going to Just Pets Co for our puppy so I went to a dog breeders instead.

The history and development of Australian Labradoodles

The Labradoodle is an increasingly popular hybrid breed of dog that was first mixed in 1988 by Wally Conron, an Australian breeder. The hybrid was first mixed in Victoria at the Royal Guide Dogs Association of Australia and was created to become a breed for good guide dogs. The Australian Labradoodle is a mix of the Standard Poodle and a Labrador. The Standard Poodle was chosen because the breed doesn’t shed much and the hairs of the Poodle are as close to non-allergenic as pet hairs can possibly be. The Labrador was chosen as the counterpart because they are normally fairly gentle and easy to train. After years of success the hybrid mix is now used around the world as guide dogs, assistance dogs, therapy dogs, and of course also as normal family dogs.

Australian LabradoodleBecause Australian Labradoodles are a mix and not a breed, they don’t have any easily distinguishable characteristics but instead, general common traits or appearance attributes. Overall, despite some similarities, the general look and personality of Australian Labradoodles is more or less unpredictable. When it comes to behavioral attributes, in many cases, Australian Labradoodles are quite friendly, energetic and good with both adults and children. Like any other dog, having the dog familiarized with children as a puppy will greatly help with its interactions’ with children later in life. Australian Labradoodles also tend to be comfortable and even happy about water and have strong swimming abilities from both of their parent breeds. Both of their parent breeds are also in the rankings for most intelligent dog breed so the Australian Labadoodle is also normally a fairly intelligent dog itself.

In regards to the more typical physical attributes of Australian Labradoodles, the hair can take on an incredibly wide range in both color and texture. Some Australian Labradoodles have wiry fur, some soft, some straight, some wavy and some curly. The color possibilities of Australian Labradoodles are even more diverse ranging from chocolate, cafe, parchment, cream, gold, apricot, red, black, silver or chalk. No matter what color or texture the Australian Labradoodles fur is, because of the Poodle influence, they generally tend to shed less and have less odor than Labradors.

While most Australian Labradoodles have fairly good health, there are a few genetic problems that are passed down from their parent breeds that make them more susceptible to certain problems. One of those issues is hip dysplasia, which can be fairly easily avoided by having both of the parents tested by a radiography specialist before they are used for breeding. Another common problem is with the eyes. There are a number of eye disorders common in Australian Labradoodles including progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). Again these issues can be largely navigated by having both parents tested before used for breeding. Surprise problems can still occur but some of the issues can be avoided. If you are interested in getting an Australian Labradoodle for your family, many of the breeders who sell Australian Labradoodles will provide some sort of health record over the puppy itself or at least for the parents. This will help assure that your new dog is up to the highest of health standards.

Why I am a loyal customer of Just Pets Co.

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I have a story of why I love going to Just Pets Co and why I think they have some of the finest dog grooming in Colorado. Shelly was getting scraggly looking and it was about time for us to go out of town for a few days. The weather was warming up so I wanted to make sure she would be comfortable and clean while she was boarded. I called to make an appointment at several pet stores around town and they were all booked. I was starting to get nervous because each and every place I called was booked for the times I needed. Pretty soon I would be leaving for vacation and Shelly would be uncomfortable and dirty as she sat in a kennel waiting to come home. Finally I found the number for Just Pets Co and spoke with their sales person, Randy. I told him that I needed to get Shelly in because it was an emergency. At first Randy had bad news because they too were booked for those days. I explained my situation to him and he completely understood where I was coming from. He said that he personally would stay after and help me get Shelly groomed if necessary. Apparently he is the owner of a long haired dog as well so he felt my pain on that one. We ended up getting her hair clean and trimmed a day before we left. I can’t thank Randy enough and I can’t say enough about Just Pets Co, the best pet store in Denver

Pets Can Offer Companionship

So I grew up as an animal lover. When I was a little kid, everyone thought that I was going to become a vet when I got older. But as I got older, that proclivity faded. The reasons are unclear to me. And in the last couple of years, I have noticed, what appears to be, an influx of pet ownership. Perhaps this spike in popularity is illusory. Perhaps I am noticing more pet ownership because I have moved out of dorm rooms. Finally, my contemporaries are allowed to own pets. Anyway, I have been unable to understand the enthusiasm surrounding pet ownership. People treat their dogs like human. Dog grooming in Denver is one thing. To dress you dog up like a human is another. But when I was living with my sister and I spent time around her dog, I think I get it. That is not to say that I was dressing her dog up in dresses or expecting it to have human emotions. But I finally understand the companionship that a pet can provide. While they are not humans and do not have human emotions, they are responsive, sentient creatures. It is strange that I would flip flop like this, but her dog was a good source of company. It was not a substitute for human interaction, as I am afraid some people suppose. But the next time that you go to pet stores in Denver, think to yourself that this could be a future friend and companion.

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Finding a balance with natural dog food

I never really understood what was wrong with Dingo the dog, but he just was never really happy and healthy. Then one day while I was at my natural grocers after they had a grand opening sale, I noticed that they had a dog food aisle, and I decided to try to put Dingo the dog on some of their natural dog food instead of the stuff that I buy at Target that is the store brand. I really never thought that Dingo the dog was unhappy because of his dog food, but I’m thinking now that he must have been allergic to it because once I put him on the natural dog food from the natural grocery store, he really changed. His whole personality changed and he was suddenly a really happy dog all the time. I feel terrible that he was just in pain before and that we didn’t even know that it was caused by his food. I don’t think he knew it either because he was always eating the food that we gave him, and never gave us any indication that he was not feeling well because of the food. But once we switched him to the natural dog food, he was a different dog and he was never sick. Dingo the dog is now really happy and excited and has tons of energy, and I don’t even know what to do with him anymore because he needs so many walks and he needs to play in the yard so much more now.

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Natural foods for the pet you love

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If you are a pet owner you know what it’s like to treat that pet just like any other member of your family. It doesn’t matter if you have a dog, cat, rabbit, fish or ferret you want them to have the absolute best with everything they do and eat. I am the same way and ever since I adopted my cat, Penny, I have been focused on feeding her only natural cat food, not the processed kind you find in a bag of kibble. I’ll admit I was a little lost on which foods to cook for her when I first started cooking her meals. I made combination stir fry of vegetables, rice and chicken or beef but I wasn’t sure if that was what her specific diet required. Thankfully I came across a wonderful company called Hero’s Pets and they were eager to help me with their very comprehensive nutritional consultation. It’s amazing how many myths they can dispel just by listening to what you are feeling and what types of foods your specific breed of pet can tolerate and even thrive off of. In addition to helping you craft a unique health diet for your dog or cat they can can help you with a variety of other things. Their alternative pet supplies will be an eye opener for most people, even if you have been a pet owner for a while. Their toys, chews, treats and diet regimens are all of the natural and sustainable variety.


Grooming Makes the Dog

You can find Dog grooming in Denver that will help you keep your dog looking its best.  And having a clean groomed dog is just as important as having a clean groomed child. When you have a dog it is just as much of a responsibility as having a child.  Just like you would with a child you love the dog, feed the dog, give the dog shelter a place to live and sleep in, and groom the dog.  Now some people may consider their dog their baby part of the family while some just love it like a child but it isn’t in the same categories as their child.  I am one of those people while I love my dog I do not consider it to be in the same category as my children.  dog grooming denverHowever like my children I do find it highly important to groom the dog and feed it nutritional food.  You can find dog grooming in Denver that will keep you dog looking fabulous and clean and when they are done making your dog fabulous you’ll find that it really makes the dog more desirable to be around because let’s face it just like children, no one wants to be around a dirty child yet alone a dirty dog.  And as far as buying nutritional food go to pet stores in Colorado and they will guide you on what food is best for your dog because ones again just like a child you don’t just give them anything.  So whether you dog is you baby and part of the family or not quite in that category it’s still very important to groom and feed your dog and don’t’ forget to love them too.

What are you feeding your pet?

It is astounding how dangerous some pet food can actually be. Did you know that many pet foods contain ingredients that are actually bad for your pet? What I mean is that some pet foods don’t have all of the proper ingredients to support your pet’s lifestyle. The sheer fact that there are soooo many ingredients in pet food suggests that your pet is digesting processed ingredients. As we know now, processed foods are not even good for humans, so they are most certainly not healthy for pets. That is why I use natural pet food for my cat and dog.

With natural pet food, I am more confident that my pets are getting not only proper nutrition, but also organic ingredients. Within days of switching to more natural pet foods, I could see a huge difference in my dog and cat’s energy levels and awareness levels. My dog was a lot more energetic and happy, whereas my cat actually ate all of her food. Not only that, but my dog and cat are a lot less stinky! Whew, did they have bad gas before!

So, while I know that they are eating better ingredients, I feel as if they know it as well. I just think it is interesting that I didn’t think about switching over to natural pet food sooner. Now, my dog is happy, my cat is happy, I’m happy and the whole family is happy that we switched to natural pet food (and the house smells a lot better, too).

The Boy Has Fliers For Pets

“Pet stores, pet stores,” shouts the young boy on the corner. He is holding out a news flier, and on the paper is a gaudily lettered rundown of the best pet deals in the state. “Pet stores in Colorado,” says the boy, “Pets, like hamsters, gerbils, and little pigs! Big pets and small pets!”


“Say,” says a man approaching the boy and holding out his hand for a flier, “I’ve just come from Just Pets Co on Farthing Street, and, you know, they have a sale on red-checkered guinea pigs.”


“Oh, well, you know about the checkered kind,” says the stores Colorado


“What about them, then?” Asks the man.


“They pee on themselves,” says the boy. “My mom says if you get the checkered kind, that they pee on themselves.”


“I don’t know anything about it,” says the man, and he squints at the flier. “What makes a pig little, anyway? Doesn’t it just grow up into a big pig?”


“No,” says the boy with certainty. “These pigs are just, like, small, like, you could put them in a little box.”


“That would be cruel,” says the man.


“Well,” says the boy, “I wouldn’t actually go ahead and do that.”


“Don’t ever do that to a pet, even a little pig,” says the man, and he hands the flier back.


“You don’t want it?” The boy asks.


“No,” says the man, and he stares off at a blinking neon BEER sign down the road. “No, I really just don’t want a pet at all.”

“Fair enough,” says the boy, and he dismisses the man with a little flutter of his fingers.

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